Our Team

Achieving a high standard and a top of the line educational experience is a team sport.
Lead Instructor
Jill Calvert

Courses you deliver - Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer and Pre Post Natal. I have worked in the fitness industry since 2007 and founded the KORE Academy in 2016. I am passionate about fitness, learning and enhancing the knowledge of other fitness professionals My Top Tip for any fitness professional is never stop learning and always explore what is outside of the box.

Alanoud K

Courses I deliver - Fitness Instructor. About me - I was one of the outcomes of the KORE Academy in 2016 and have been growing since that day. I Started with Level 2 moved up to Level 3 and now I am a Fitness manager at KORE and tutor Top tip for any learner - This is just an intro to the huge world of fitness. Be always willing to keep improving and to increase your knowledge and practice

Zeina Abouelfetouh

Courses I deliver - Fitness Instructor. I chose fitness because I am passionate about it. I want to learn more, understand better and to apply that knowledge. I chose kore because it gives me the space and facilities to do so in a supportive and accommodating environment. My Credentials L2 Gym Instructor L3 Personal Trainer CrossFit L1 Trainer Spinning Kickboxing Pilates workshop Pre/Post Natal AET Level 3 My Top tip - learn to push your limits and allow yourself the space to grow and improve.

Jawaher AlRefaei

Courses I deliver - Fitness Instructor. Fitness have saved my life, and ever since, I dedicated myself to learn more, everyday, and share that knowledge upon my surroundings. A movement enthusiast and a sport scientist who worked in different fields of research, health, fitness, and sport among a verity of ages and gender. Delivering the Fitness Instructor Course with Kore Academy rewards me by meeting new individuals who carry so much life and experience that are shared among the science and practical sides of this journey. Top tip: Allow yourself to learn, day in, day out, and never judge anything, anyone, starting with your own self.

Maram AlEid

Courses I deliver - Fitness Instructor I aim to promote health and fitness education among our society. Each coach has the ability to change someone’s life for the better, and for me I strive to thrive in coaching and tutoring by all means. Top tip: Challenge your limits but don't limit your challenges