KORE Academy Website

Welcome to our new website! Offering you a more interactive way to discover our courses


Welcome the new KORE Academy website. The portal for everything Kore related, from courses, information, news, to your country availability.

The new website is a part of our continuous improvement initiative, to present our clients with the best experience possible. The new website is divided into six easy to navigate sections:


In this page, you will have a condensed view of all the pages as sections like the news and offers, courses, about us, and the countries where our courses are offered. with the menu navigation on the top right corner that fades into the background till you need it.

Courses Page:

I this page, you find all of our courses, the courses calendar, course information, and the country each course is available in.

Services Page:

In this page, you will get information about all of our corporate and personal services.

News and offers page:

In this page, you will see everything announced from special offers to news regarding KORE Academy.

Team Page:

In this page, you will get to know the amazing team behind all of this.

Contact Page:

If you want to contact us regarding anything, this is the page to go to. you will see all of our contact in all the countries we are in, with location phone and email information.

We at KORE Academy hope that you found our website intuitive and easy to use for you, to get all the information you need about us.